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Electric Bicycles and Services for Ecologically Friendly Commuting
April 1, 2010

As a precursor to Earth Day on April 22, a Bedford company Pietzo, an innovative provider of hybrid electric bicycles, today announced a full-service program to help Massachusetts corporations, universities and commuters gain environmental, transportation, and health benefits.

Pietzo breaks down some of the traditional barriers to biking to work and makes it easier for employers to encourage healthy, eco-friendly commuting. Riders have the option of using Pietzo bikes in manual or electric mode. They arrive at work sweat-free and can choose to pedal home in manual mode to get their workout. Electric bicycle commuting significantly lowers greenhouse gas emissions; reduces water and noise pollution and infrastructure damages; and alleviates traffic congestion. Cost savings for commuters using electric bicycles include parking, gas, public transportation, vehicle maintenance and insurance expenses.

Depending on how much a rider decides to pedal vs. motor, an electric bike is an easy way to get exercise. There’s also a hygiene benefit to riding a Pietzo electric bike. "When using electric mode, (riders) arrive at work sweat-free and can choose to pedal home in manual mode to get their workout," the company bragged in a release yesterday.

"The time is right for electric bicycles to take off in the U.S. as a viable commuting option," said Steve Mongeau, CEO of Pietzo. "There is a critical need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigate traffic congestion and parking problems in urban areas. These needs, combined with the increased emphasis on health and fitness, make electric-assisted bicycles ideal for commuters."

At Wellesley College, Patrick Willoughby, Director of Sustainability said, "My overall goal for campus sustainability is to lower energy consumption, and Pietzo's electric bicycles play a key role in helping us achieve that goal. The electric bikes are used by our campus police and facilities management, and provide a visible demonstration of Wellesley's commitment to lowering greenhouse gas emissions."

Outside the U.S., electric bicycles are a well-established mode of transportation, with more than 22 million sold in Asia and Europe last year. LEVA (Light Electric Vehicle Association) predicts that 2010 electric bike sales in the U.S. will double from 2009; by 2020, 40% of U.S. bike sales will be electric.

Services and Pricing

The motorized bikes, similar to those now popular in Asia and increasingly in Europe, can zip along at 18 mph, requiring a plug-in recharge after up to 40 miles of use. The bikes can run on full motor power, full pedal power or a combination. A daily recharge of the bike’s battery costs about 5 cents - a lot lower than the price of gasoline, now going for about $2.74 a gallon in Massachusetts.

Pietzo's high-quality electric bicycle line fits the needs of a broad range of riders, including avid cyclists, first-time commuters and active adults. Folding models fit compactly on public transportation, and every bicycle is delivered fully assembled with a security lock, helmet, free on-site tune-up and one-year limited warranty. Pricing for the Pietzo electric bicycles ranges from $1,299 to $1,899 and can be purchased by calling Pietzo directly.

The bikes are being made in Asia. While Pietzo will sell to individual customers, its business model is focused on companies and institutions that want to combine clean-energy practices with their pragmatic need for transportation.

About Pietzo

Pietzo was founded by two software entrepreneurs. It is the hybrid electric bicycle company offering a complete commuting program that expands the number of riders using fun, eco-friendly transportation and uniquely supports the needs of campus and corporate fleets. Its line of high-quality electric bicycles and comprehensive support services help employers meet their environmental, transportation and health and fitness objectives. For more information, visit or call 617-674-2747.

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