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Polar Cadence sensor Kit (S-Series)

Price: 45.95

A Polar accessory that measures the speed at which you turn the cranks of your bicycle (i.e. cadence), measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). Compatible with all Polar heart rate monitors with cycle functions (Polar S510, S520, S625x, S710, S720i, and S725 monitors).

Polar CS100 Cycle Computer/Heart Rate Monitor

Price: 109.95

Great new cycling computer and heart rate monitor from Polar with a modern, high-tech, readable console. Cleaver mounting system adapts to most bar, stems, and fork shapes. Wireless speed sensor, estimated time of arrival, speed pointer, Own Cal, Own Code, Own Zone. Features: Wireless heart rate Speed, odometer, trip distance Graphic comparison of heart rate and speed Calorie consumption rate per hour/km Optional wireless cadence Auto start/stop Speed pointer Target zones with visual and audible alarm Average heart rate Max heart rate 50 laps with Max heart rate recorded for each lap CS 2nd bike kit also available Includes Unit, Handlebar/Stem Mount, T31 Coded Wireless Chest unit and strap, Wireless Speed Sensor, and mounting hardware

Polar CS200 Cycle Computer/Heart Rate Monitor

Price: 149.95

The wireless CS200 is a true cycling computer that gives you all your cycling speed and distance information, along with your heart rate data. With the ability to link to your PC, the CS200 is more than just a cycle computer. Easy to reach button design that mounts on your stem or bars. Option to add on cadence. Features Wireless Polar CS Speed Sensor Cycling Intensity Memory Files Estimated Time of Arrival SpeedPointer Polar OwnCal Polar OwnCode Polar OwnZone Optional wireless cadence CS 2nd bike kit also available

Polar CS200 Cycle Computer/Heart Rate Monitor with Cadence

Price: 169.95

The wireless CS200 w/ cadence is a true cycling computer that gives you all your cycling speed, distance, and cadence information along with your heart rate data. With the ability to link to your PC, the CS200 is more than just a cycle computer. Easy to reach button design that mounts on your stem or bars. Option to add on cadence. Features Wireless Polar CS Speed Sensor Cycling Intensity Memory Files Estimated Time of Arrival SpeedPointer Polar OwnCal Polar OwnCode Polar OwnZone Includes wireless cadence sensor CS 2nd bike kit also available

Polar CS400 Cycling Computer/Heart Rate Monitor

Price: 319.95

The CS400 is the choice for cyclists with a competitive attitude. Track your ride with wireless sensors, prepare your detailed training program easily with Polar ProTrainer 5 software, and use the incline measurement to adjust your cycling effort accordingly. Features: Cycling Limits Incline Measurement Polar sport zones ZoneLock Speed (current, average and max) Distance, altitude, ascent/descent & cadence

Polar CS600 Cycling Computer/Heart Rate Monitor

Price: 399.95

Polar CS600 is a top-of-the-line cycling computer with a professional-level heart rate monitor. It is packed with new features, e.g. an oversized 3-row LCD display with personalized view options and incline measurement which measures uphill or downhill steepness in percentage or grades. With the Polar CS600 cycling computer you get the most advanced tools to plan your training smartly. DOES NOT INCLUDE THE W.I.N.D. POWER OUTPUT SENSOR.

Polar CS600 Cycling Computer/Heart Rate Monitor with Power

Price: 679.95

Wireless Polar speed sensor W.I.N.D. New advanced sensor measuring the cycling speed. Wireless Cadence sensor W.I.N.D. optional Includes New Power sensor set - W.I.N.D.Cycling Limits Cycling limits can be set for heart rate, cadence or power output. Incline Measurement Measures incline with uphill or downhill steepness in percentage or grades. Cycling Economy Tracks the cycling workload as kcal/h and kcal/km. Polar Sport Zones Helps you to train at the right intensity. Zone LockSimply the easiest way to set a target zone. R-R Intervals / Online HR Variability Measures heart beat intervals and reflects autonomic nervous system in heartbeat regulation. Polar OwnOptimizer Train and rest in the right balance. Polar OwnOptimizer test tells you whether you have recovered enough for your next training session.

Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor

Price: 159.95

The F11 is an exerciser's dream come true. A revolutionary heart rate monitor that creates a workout program to tell you how much, how hard and how long to exercise to reach your goals. The Keeps U Fit - Workout Program guides you to your personal goals. OwnIndex will determine your fitness level, track your improvements, and provide motivation. The OwnCal feature counts the calories and fat that you burn and the OwnZone feature will automatically determine each day's target zone. The F11 also features the WearLinkT Coded transmitter made from a soft, fabric material. The Coded feature eliminates interference from other heart rate monitors. The F11 is the closest thing to having your own personal trainer.

Polar F4 Heart Rate Monitor

Price: 84.95

The Polar F4 Heart Rate Monitor is designed to keep runners, bikers and athletes in the correct zone for optimized fitness benefits. The fitness bullets are displayed clearly visually, and allow you to follow your time in your target heart rate zone. You can set your heart rate limits and understand where you are within your zone by using the Zone pointer and alarm system. The simple button access will enable you to use the monitor as you work out, and the memory file stores the average heart rate and total exercise time. Features: Fitness bullets displayed visually Set heart rate limits Counts calories and fat burn levels Easy to use and read display Wireless receiver sends readouts that are ECG accurate Memory file

Polar F55 Heart Rate Monitor

Price: 219.95

The Polar F55 Red Velvet provides you with the ultimate fitness experience. Because cardiovascular exercise, strength-training, and relaxation are essential to maximum well being, the Polar F55 gives the modern fitness enthusiast a complete exercise session by adding new features like BodyWorkout and OwnRelax. BodyWorkout, a muscular strength-training guide can be adjusted according to the exerciser's progress, provides basic guidance for strength-training. The new OwnRelax feature, checks the body's state of relaxation, and helps exercisers 'listen' to their bodies, an essential component of fitness. The F55 Red Velvet is the women's version of the F55 and it is sized for a woman's wrist.

Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor

Price: 109.95

The Polar F6 heart rate monitor is a great choice for using in large groups, where other excercisers might be using wireless training gear that could interfere with your own signal. The F6's coded transmission prevents crosstalk with other monitors so you'll get a personalized workout--even in a class environment. It's packed with innovative training features to help you toward your exercise goals, including: Zone Pointer: A visible and audible feature on the display of your heart rate monitor showing your target heart rate zone and where your current heart rate is within that zone. Polar OwnCal: This feature shows your energy expenditure during one exercise session as well as your accumulated kilocalories during several exercise sessions. You can set daily and weekly exercise goals in terms of calorie expenditure with the OwnCal feature. Because the OwnCal tracks both the energy expenditure during one exercise session and the accumulated kilocalories during a longer time e.g. one week, it helps in achieving both short term and long term goals. Polar OwnZone: This feature guides you through an appropriate warm-up routine and automatically determines a safe and effective exercise heart rate zone--your OwnZone--while taking into account your current physical condition. Polar OwnCode: This technology blocks unwanted signals from other heart rate monitors, ensuring disturbance-free transmission of your heart rate data.

Polar Heart Bra

Price: 34.95

Ladies sport top designed for use with a Polar Transmitter belt. Made for comfort and performance using Dry Wear technology that wicks moisture away from your body. Contoured shoulder strap with a deep T-back for better fit and freedom of movement. Flexible design made exclusively for use with Polar Heart Rate Monitor transmitters, excluding the WearLink Transmitter. Made of Poly/Lycra with a CoolMax and Lycra lining. Transmitter shown for demonstration purpose only. All transmitters sold separately.

Polar Speed Sensor Kit (CS-Series)

Price: 32.95

A wireless sensor measuring the cycling speed. Compatible with the Polar CS100b, CS100, CS200, CS200cad and CS300.

Suunto Foot Pod

Price: 98.95

While running, Suunto Foot POD enables you to measure your speed and distance, as well as heart rate and time, with your Suunto t6. This results in a more complete picture of your training as well as enhanced functionality of your wristop computer and Suunto Training Manager software.Key Features- Lightweight (45g including battery)- Wireless (with a transmission range of up to 10m/30ft- Water resistant to 30m/100ft- Operating temperature: -20C - +60C / 5F - 140F- For outdoor AND indoor use- Speed measuring range 1.5 - 5.5 m/s = 4.5 - 16.5 ft/s = 5.5 - 20 km/h = 3.4-12.4 mph km/h / mph- Speed limit alarms- Average speed- Lap distance and automatic lap times- Option to view all graphs in relation to distance instead of time with Suunto Training Manager software- Operates on one AAA battery (included)

Suunto HR Transmitter Belt (ANT)

Price: 69.90

Digital HR transmission. No cross talk from power lines, powered gym equipment or HR signals from training partners. Range up to 10m/30 ft.

Suunto PC Pod

Price: 98.95

Suunto PC POD's wireless connection, with a 10 m range, allows you to send your training data directly to your PC. The special monitoring software delivered with the PC POD displays and records 1-3 athletes' heart rate data, in real time during the exercise. Furthermore, you can also use the PC POD to download data from your Suunto t3 or t4 memory.

Suunto Road Bike Pod

Price: 79.95

Engineered by Mavic, the Suunto Bike POD turns your Suunto t3, Suunto t4 or Suunto t6 into a wireless bike computer with current and average speeds, distance and interval alarms.

Suunto t3c Heart Rate Monitor

Price: 159.95

Training Effect in real time - Suunto t3c heart rate monitor takes the guesswork out of your training and gives you the guidance you need to achieve your goals. You`re sweating, your heart is racing, and all your hard work is starting to pay off. Your strength and endurance have improved, but you still want to take it to the next level. What`s your next move? Use your Suunto t3c heart rate monitor with the included Suunto Comfort Belt to accurately monitor your real-time heart rate, calorie consumption, and Training Effect: a quick and accurate measurement of how hard your body`s working at any given moment, so you can easily find that sweet spot for getting the most out of each workout.

Suunto T6 Heart Rate Monitor, Black

Price: 398.95

Suunto t6 has been designed for everyone who exercises with the goal of improving their fitness and who wants to know how effective their exercise is. Whatever your current fitness level, by using Suunto t6 and its training software you can plan a program that maximizes the effectiveness of your training and enables you to meet your goals. Suunto t6 provides sports laboratory accurate information on seven key body parameters including EPOC*. By understanding how your body responds to exercise, you can better plan your own personal training program and, most importantly, monitor its effectiveness. The technical features of the wristop computer, combined with the PC interface developed for more graphical representation of your performance, and our Internet Community, where you can share information with other like-minded athletes from around the world, make Suunto t6 the device of choice for every true athlete and fitness enthusiast. * Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption -Time mode; includes functions such as time, date and alarm. In addition to time and date, displays either day, seconds or dual time -Alti/Baro mode; displays data on either altitude and related parameters in Alti or weather data such as barometric pressure and temperature in Baro Training mode-Stopwatch functions, such as lap time and interval time, and heart rate data. Offers control functions as well as logbook-Speed/Distance mode: available for use with an external speed and distance sensor. Displays speed and distance information and offers control functions and alarms Heart rate belt uses error-free ANT transmission technology-Compatible with following wireless Peripheral Observation Devices (PODs)*) Foot POD, attached to the shoe, measures speed and distance while running. Combined with the heart rate data, it gives you all the info you need from your run, Bike POD combines speed and distance functions with the detailed heart rate analysis of the Suunto t6, making it one of the most advanced training tools ever developed for biking, PC POD is a wireless USB link for PC. It enables real time heart rate detection with PC directly from the heart rate belt PC interface software + cable-Water resistant to 30 m (100 ft)-Full access to Transmitter Belt w/ANT technology

Suunto t6c Heart Rate Monitor

Price: 398.95

T6C Your personal sports laboratory - Suunto t6c is a professional-grade tool for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing your training. Reaching your goals can be tough. It takes the right tools, knowledge, and guidance to be able to improve with each training session. Use your Suunto t6c and Suunto Comfort Belt with the included Suunto Training Manager PC software to get a detailed analysis of seven physiological parameters, with accuracy previously available only in sports laboratories. This detailed analysis breaks down nearly every aspect of your training so you can make adjustments of how to train more efficiently in the future. Easily check your real-time Training Effect for an accurate measure of how hard your body's working, and quickly adjust your workout as needed. The Suunto t6c also gives you a read-out of your EPOC - your excess post-exercise oxygen consumption level - which lets you measure and adjust your training loads to ensure that your body is safely getting the most from each workout. Use the altimeter to monitor your climbing or hill performance to know how your body will react when training at various altitudes. Securely pair your Suunto t6c and Suunto Comfort Belt - through interference-free digital ANT transmission - to monitor your real-time heart rate and calorie consumption, or pair it with an optional Suunto POD to measure your real-time speed, distance, or cadence. Reaching your goals can be easier - analyze your workouts with pinpoint accuracy and develop an optimal training regimen with the Suunto t6c. Suunto t6c - Stay in tune with your body: Get a comprehensive physiological analysis of your training on your PC Monitor your real-time Training Effect and EPOC Use the altimeter to monitor your hill and altitude performance Measure your speed, distance, and cadence with optional Suunto PODs Customizable screen layout for individual information needs Pair with the included Suunto Comfort Belt to calculate real-time heart rate and calorie consumption Colour options: Fusion and Black Available also in Suunto Performance Packs - ready to go solutions with PODs for triathlon, cycling, running, and multisport Germany's Runner's World, one of the leading running magazines in the world, tested a range of distance trackers in November 2008. Of the six models tested, the jury rewarded Suunto t6c and Foot POD with the title "Runner's World Test Winners".

Suunto Triathlon Pack (Includes T6, Foot Pod, Road Bike Pod, Cadence Pod & Memory Belt)

Price: 659.00

Provides accurate speed, distances and altitude for running and cycling, cadence for cycling the Suunto t6c Triathlon Pack includes the Suunto t6c in black, Foot POD, Road Bike POD, Cadence POD and Memory Belt which records heart rate while swimming. Suunto t6: The sports laboratory on your wrist-Your professional grade tool for training control and analysis When youre a professional athlete or competitive amateur, going the extra mile in training to lose a second in competition could mean the difference between success and failure. Thats why a complete analysis of your workout is essential. You need the Suunto t6c, the training laboratory, on your wrist to make sure you train at the right level. Features Comprehensive physiological analysis on PC Real-Time Training Effects and EPOC Altimeter for hill and altitude performance Speed, distance, and cycling cadence with optional PODs Customizable screen layout for individual information needs Comfort belt for improved fit and measurement Additional features include real-time heart rate and calories, watch with dual time, date, alarm, stopwatch with lap times and interval and countdown timers. Foot POD: The Suunto Foot POD wirelessly transmits speed and distance information to your Suunto t3 heart rate monitor. Road Bike POD: The Suunto Road Bike POD turns your Suunto heart rate monitor into a wireless bike computer. Current and average speeds combined with distance and interval alarms make sessions in the saddle more fun and productive. Its integrated quick-release design is optimized for high performance road riding. Cadence POD: The Suunto Cadence POD is simple, discreet and easy to fit and adjust. Engineered by Mavic this digital wireless cadence sensor provides pedaling pace to your Suunto t6c heart rate monitor. In addition to the real time information, you can access your cadence data later on a PC. Memory Belt: The Suunto Memory Belt collects accurate HR data without the wrist unit and in all conditions. The wireless ANT radio technology utilizing heart rate transmitter can also record up to 24 hours of beat-to-beat heart rate information on an integrated memory chip for later downloads and analysis.

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